About Us

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The Australian College of Business and Accounting is an RTO (registered training organisation) approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority to deliver qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework. These nationally recognised qualifications have been developed as vocational qualifications intended to equip learners with the skills required to undertake job-specific functions.

ACOBA only employs trainers who hold a minimum of a bachelor degree in their related field.

ACOBA prides itself on providing equitable access to nationally recognised qualifications in a flexible, cost effective format which encourage learner participation with a learner centred approach.


Providing individualised training plans

Providing extensions (where ever possible)

Providing courses that can be undertaken completely via distance education, in a learner’s own time

Offering individual support and a confidential understanding approach to learners commitments that exist outside of the college

Providing scholarship opportunities

Having a policy of never accepting more than $1500 upfront for any of our courses

Providing training and assessment for learners who have come from overseas who are interested in undertaking nationally recognised Australian qualification

Pricing courses at extremely competitive prices

ACOBA has developed it’s training and assessment strategy with a learner centred focus allowing one on one support from an experienced bachelor qualified trainer with years of practical experience to support learners through their studies. Our learner centred focus includes extended hours from 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and email support on weekends to support learners busy work and family commitments.

Choose to study with the Australian College of Business and Accounting and we will assist you in reaching your employment goals.

ACOBA delivers nationally recognised qualifications on the Australian Qualifications Framework that provide learners with a flexible, affordable and above all fulfilling way to complete their training. These qualifications equip learners with vocational and life skills that expand a learner’s potential.

Support, Attention, Collaboration and Understanding

ACOBA is a culturally diverse and inclusive college, focused on providing industry leading support to both learners and staff.

To exceed industry standards raising the benchmark for vocational training in a learner centred fashion.