Training and Assessment Policy


The Training and Assessment Policy was formulated taking cognisance of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. The College is committed to ensuring all learners are assessed in accordance with the Standards and are able to demonstrate competency across all units.

Scope and Application

The Training and Assessment Policy applies to all learners and employees of the College and must always be observed.


The College’s primary purpose is the provision of quality vocational education and training programs to learners.

The College will apply this policy consistently and fairly across all programs and any learner enrolled into a program at the College.


  • Following the enrolment process and the approval of their enrolment application, learners will receive welcome and login emails with links to FAQs. The FAQs provide answers to commonly asked questions including support offered during their training
  • A Training Schedule will be provided to learners to demonstrate the schedule of training over the duration of their course along with a guide for using the online learning portal
  • The College will provide learners with the necessary access to its online learning systems to complete the theory learning and theory assessment including the Learner Guide
  • Learners will be provided with a secure login. It is recommended for security purposes that each learner changes their login details after logging in for the first time
  • The College will conduct a Welcome Call with new learners to introduce the College and the online learning environment. This Welcome Call is also used to confirm learner details and provides an opportunity for the College to respond to any questions learners may have
  • A maximum of three (3) units of competency will be available to learners to ensure that progression through the qualification is managed at an appropriate rate and that learners are not overwhelmed. Please note: no further units of competency will be released where the learner is awaiting marking of submissions or resubmissions
  • The College endeavours to have all assessment submissions and resubmissions marked within ten (10) working days. It is important to note that we have experienced a large increase in the number of assessment submissions as a direct result of the COVID 19 pandemic which has impacted our normal turnaround times.  Therefore, some students may experience delays in receiving marks.
  • Learners will receive a weekly email from the College with useful information, study tips and suggestions
  • Support for learners will be offered through telephone and email from their trainer. Telephone support is available between the hours of 8am and 8pm every weekday with the exception of national public holidays


  • To ensure all assessment judgements are consistent, each assessment suite will include at a minimum:
    • Theory assessment – the learner is required to respond to a series of questions based on information learnt from the Learner Guide and/or through research activities
    • Project/case study assessment – learners will prepare a report or complete an assignment based on instructions and criteria provided
    • Practical skills assessment/third party evidence collection, depending on the qualification – learners will complete a mandatory work placement component where they will undertake tasks under the direction of a supervisor (qualified) in the applicable industry sector.
  • Prior to the commencement of the work placement component, learners will receive the following documents:
  • Work Placement Checklist – this document is completed by the workplace supervisor to confirm the availability of all necessary resources in the workplace
  • Workplace Agreement – signed by learners and the workplace supervisor to agree on the conditions for work placement
  • Supervisor’s Booklet – information for the supervisor that articulates how the work placement is to be conducted, including how the supervisor supports the collection and verification of evidence of the learner’s skills and knowledge
  • Supervisor’s Qualification Verification – verification of the qualifications held be the supervisor at the time of signing the agreement. The supervisor’s qualification must be of a higher level than the qualification being undertaken by the learner
  • Learner Placement Booklet (where applicable) – knowledge questions and activities to be completed by the learner during placement
  • Third Party Evidence Collection Booklet (where applicable) – knowledge and skills tasks to be completed by the learner in the workplace while under the supervision of a qualified person. The supervisor nominated in the Agreement must sign to confirm that they have witnessed the learner completing the required tasks
  • Attendance Record – the learner must complete an attendance record to verify the completion of the nominated work placement hours. Please note: work placement hours do not include lunch breaks
  • While on work placement, learners will carry out tasks under the direction of a qualified supervisor. As the College is an online training organisation providing our training in all States and Territories of Australia, we do not conduct physical visits on site to observe our learners. Instead, learners work directly with their supervisor who will confirm and validate their knowledge and experience for the duration of their placement.
  • All practical assessment is conducted in the workplace under normal working conditions and under the direction of the learner’s supervisor. Supervisors act as observers to substantiate the learner’s demonstration of the knowledge and skills required to carry out tasks to the expected industry standard
  • Assessments will contain instructions to both the learner and Assessor on what is required and how the assessment will be conducted
  • Learners are informed of all assessment requirements and any other pre-requisites and must have access to the equipment and resources needed to complete required tasks. The learner must have access to a computer to complete the online assessment of their qualification
  • All assessments are competency based with a learner being deemed satisfactory (S) or not satisfactory (NS) following an assessment. If a learner is deemed not satisfactory (NS) in an assessment, they will be given three (3) further opportunities, at no cost, to resubmit assessment tasks to achieve a satisfactory (S) outcome.
  • Learners are required to be deemed satisfactory on all assessments to achieve an outcome of competent (C) for that unit of competency.

Determining competency

  • Third Party Evidence Collection Booklets will be reviewed and assessed within 21 days of receipt including:
    • Conducting a competency conversation with the learner to validate the evidence collected during work placement
    • Conduct a reference check with the learner’s supervisor to validate the competency of the learner whilst on work placement and the tasks completed in the Third Party Evidence Collection Booklet
  • Within 21 days of completion of all theory learning, assessment and work placement, the College trainers will complete an analysis of all assessment evidence to make a judgement on the overall competency of the learner.
  • Qualifications or Statements of Attainment (if applicable) will be issued, where the learner has successfully completed all assessment requirements, within 30 days of the judgement being made by the trainer.